This tour is focused on watching the endemic Gold-ringed Tanager (Bangsia aureocincta) one of the most sought-after birds in Colombia, and to many the most beautiful of them all. It’s not a concidence that two of the most important publications of colombian birds and birdwatching choose the Gold-ringed Tanager as the cover of the book.  We will visit the best places in the whole country to look for this bird, and we will have plenty of photographic opportunities, because unbeliveably this amazing tanager is confident and likes to cooperate!

Day 1. Cali to El Cairo. 

We will depart in the morning in a 4 hour drive to El Cairo, a wonderful colonial village in the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia. In the afternoon we will have time for a good cofee, and birding near town. Gold-ringed tanager possibilities will start tomorrow.

Night at El Cairo

Day 2-3. Cerro El Inglés & Galápagos Road

This two sites are very near and located in the vicinity of El Cairo.  Cerro El Inglés is a community managed nature reserve of 720 ha and the Galapagos road – San Juan del Palmar goes deep in to the Chocó lowlands.

Around this two sites there are very interesting birds like Orange-breasted fruiteater (Pipreola jucunda), Fulvous-dotted Treerunner (Margarornis stellatus), Bicolored antvireo (Dysithamnus occidentalis) and Tanager Finch (Oreothraupis arremonops). There are tanagers such as  Purplish-mantled (Iridosornis porphyrocephalus), glistening-green (Chlorocrhysa phoenicotis), Rufous-throated (Tangara rufigula), Grey-and-Gold  (Tangara palmeri). Also Black-chinned Mountain Tanager (Anisognathus notabilis), Dusky-Bush Tanager (Chlorospingus semifuscus), Olive finch (Arremon castaneiceps), manakins like Club-winged (Machaeropterus deliciosus) and Golden-Winged (Masius chrysopterus), impressive hummingbirds like Velvet-purple coronet (Boissoneaua jardini), White-tailed Hillstar (Urochroa bougueri), Violet-tailed Sylph (Aglaiocercus coelestis) and Brown Inca (Coeligena wilsoni). Munchique Wood-Wren (Henicorhina negreti) is easy to spot in Cerro El Ingles.

Night at El Cairo

 Days 4-5. Montezuma Road

Considered by many as the top destination for bird watching in Colombia. Thanks to its privileged position facing the pacific from the Western Cordillera, and to its range of elevations between 1300 and 2600 m, Montezuma boasts an incredible variety of life, the place where the Andes and Pacific meet. We will be here two full days birding one day at mid and the other at high elevations, where different species occur.

More than 600 bird species have been recorded in this locality alone, with about 11 endemics and 37 near-endemic species. Virtually the only place for both Gold-ringed (Bangsia aureocincta) and Black-and-gold tanagers (Bangsia melanochlamys). At the high elevations the targets are the endemic and critically endangered Chestnut-breasted flowerpiercer (Diglossa gloriosissima) and the endemic Munchique wood-wren (Henicorhina negreti). The feeders at the house are also very productive with visiting individuals of Empress (Heliodoxa imperatrix) & Green-crowned Brilliant (H. jacula), Brown (Coeligena coeligena) and Bronzy Incas (C. wilsoni), White-tailed Hillstar (Urochroa bougueri), Violet-tailed Sylph (Aglaiocercus coelestis), Booted-racket tail (Ocreatus underwoodii) and others.

Nights: Montezuma lodge.

Day 6. Return to Cali. 

After birding near the montezuma lodge in the morning we will return to Cali. From here why not take advantage of the momentum and hold onto one the exciting tours around Cali natural surroundings? Or maybe your in the mood of watching the spectacular Andean Condor rise through the Colombian andean mountains?



Tour leader: Rubén Darío Palacio