Montezuma boasts an incredible variety of life. Here is the meeting point of the two most biodiverse regions of Colombia, the Andes and the Chocó Biogeographical region, thanks to its privileged position facing the pacific from the Western Cordillera, and to its range of elevations between 1300 and 2600 m. To the observer, this means more orchids and more birds in an unforgettable visit.

Orchids thrive in Montezuma. Here it’s possible to watch lots of species of different genera such as Maxillaria speciosa, Lepanthes felis, Porroglossum eduardi, Masdevallia hortensis, Ophidion pleurothallopsis, Pleurothallis silverstonei, Brachionidium imperialis and even to the hundred species if you are lucky to catch them in bloom!

Day 1.

We will travel from Cali in the mid morning towards the site, in a 4 ½ hour drive to reach the town of Pueblo Rico.  Then we will take a 4 x 4 vehicle and drive for another hour to reach the Montezuma Ecolodge. We will have time to enjoy the hummingbirds at the feeders, and explore the area.

Day 2.

We will visit the high elevations of the Montezuma road. Here the targets are Dracula carcinopsis, Pleurothallis silverstonei, Porroglossum eduardii, Brachionidium imperial, Maxillaria speciosa and the endemics M. montezumae and M. tebnebrifolia, two recently described species. We could also watch some Lepanthes species and more wonderful species

Day 3.

Today we will focus at the mid elevations, virtually the only place for some Pleurothallis species, such as the endemic P. jaculifera, anothes species like P. circinata, P. notabilis, P. orecta etc. You could also watch Lepanthes felis, L. calodyction, L. carunculigera, L. silverstonei and more than 15 species of this amazing genus.

Day 4.

At the morning we will take other road towards the lowest portion of the Montezuma road where we can spot some species like Oliveriana sp., Masdevallia amanda, M. mutica, the endemic Epidendrum silverstonei, E. polyanthosthachym and E. rugulosum and if you are lucky we might find the incredible Miltoniopsis vexillaria and more than 3 species Scaphosepalum: S. grande, S. swertifolium and S. odontochilum

Day 5.Return to Cali

After the breakfast at the ecolodge we return to rest and enjoy and nice afternoon in Cali and rest for the flight


Tour leader: Juan Sebastián Moreno

Guide: David Haelterman