This tour is designed for nursery lovers and orchid growers who want to know everything about Colombian orchids and their methods of growing. This is the perfect tour to know the best cultivated orchids in the country.

Day 1. Arrival

We will pick up the group at the airport Alfonso Bonilla Aragón in Palmira, to go to the hotel Pension del Oeste in the city of Cali, the capital of Valle del Cauca department.

Day 2. Orquídeas del Valle warm nursery – Ginebra, Valle del Cauca

We start our trip at 9am to Ginebra, the land of the best “Sancocho de gallina” (Chicken soup) of Colombia, in the north of Valle del Cauca.  Close to this place we will visit the big warm climate growing nursery of Orquídeas del Valle to know how they grow warm and nice orchids like Trigonidium egertonianum, Lepanthes telipogniflora, Epidendrum pseudepidendrum, and their especialities, Cattleya quadricolor, C. trianae, C. warscewiczii and lots of varieties. We’ll finish at 12 pm to go to have lunch to the restaurant “El viejo molina” an exquisite place to eat some typical food. Then if you’re not finished with pictures and questions we could go back to the nursery or go back to Cali to rest in the hotel Pension del Oeste.

Day 3. Orquídeas del Valle cold nursery

The “infamous” San Antonio Cloud Forest: This mythical cloud forests have been birding and orchid areas for more than 100 years, and a complete laboratory for biodiversity research during this timespan. We start at 9 am to visit the cold Andrea`s Niessen nursery from Orquídeas del Valle. The perfect place for miniature orchids like Lepanthes, Pleurothallis, Platystele, Lepanthopsis, Restrepiopsis, Stelis, Neooreophilus and more!. There are more than five nurseries in this place, to watch and learn about all kind of orchids and spend the entire day there. In the morning we could visit two nurseries dedicated only to minature orchid and in the afternoon the médium size orchids like Maxillaria, Epidendrum, Catlleyas, Stanhopeas, Anguloa, Boleas and more plants and spectacular species!!

Day 4. Medio Dapas Orquideas Nursery and Finca Alejandría (The Hummingbirds Paradise)

We start our day at 8 am to go to Medio Dapas Orquideas Nursery, a very nice and complete nursery from Leticia Abdalah’s, dedicated specially to production, cultivation and conservation of orchids, mainly Colombian species, located 3 minutes of 1 km from the hotel in Dapa. At 12 pm we go to get some in Finca Alejandría, known as Hummingbirds paradise by the amount of species found in it. At the level of orchids we could observe Trichoplia hennisiana, Pescatoria (ex Bollea) coelestis, Brassia antherotes and Brassia euodes (ex Ada elegantula), Maxillaria luteograndiflora and Maxillaria aurea, Sobralia crocea, Lycaste schilleriana, as well as other jewels of the cold cloud forest. We finished the day at 5 pm and w ego back to the hotel to rest.

From that day we head towards the city of Popayán and its region in Cauca department, around 2 hours and a half in the south of Cali. This city is an architectural colonial jewel and it also hosts various good orchid growers such as Roberto de Angulo (grandson of the person for whom the genus Anguloa has been named).

Day 5. Popayán city, the White City

We leave Cali at 6 am to reach our destination early in the morning at 8 am and visit the colonial center of Popayán, especially some places like “Pueblito Patojo”, some churches and plazas to rest a little bit from the trip. After lunch we’ll  go to visit AngulOrquídeas , Roberto de Angulo`s nursery which boasts more than 650 species of orchids Colombian. In the afternoon we go back to Cali to rest in the hotel.

Day 8. Leaving Cali

We pick you up at the hotel to take you to the airport Alfonso Bonilla Aragón.


Tour leader: David Haelterman

Guide: Juan Sebastián Moreno